We showed our tech to the experts. they approved.

The International Data Group (IDC) spotlight on reduxio:
A HYBRId flash array making snapshots obsolete



IDC analyzed Reduxio and reviewed the following 5 key success factors:

  • Market potential
  • Products and services
  • Competitive edge
  • Customers
  • Corporate strategy.

The overall Score IDC assigned Reduxio is: 17/20


Current Hybrid Flash Arrays (HFAs) systems have inherent shortcomings. HFAs offered by traditional storage vendors were originally designed for spinning disk media and were flash optimized over time. As such, they do not support advanced features.  Additionally they typically use generic caching algorithms, applying a one-size-fits all approach that treats all workloads and all reads and writes in the same manner

Hybrid storage startup Reduxio aims to address these shortcomings with a purposely designed HFA that utilizes a proprietary metadata architecture to provide advanced features for data management and protection while achieving improved performance and cost-effectiveness.