Never lose more than 1 second of work ever again.

Forget about snapshots and consistency groups. Forever.

Get the solution brief of the technology that allows you to instantly recover and clone from any secondin the system’s history with no upfront planning or data copy. We have obsoleted snapshots.

  • No more snapshot scheduling - data is recoverable with no upfront setup
  • Eliminates consistency groups – data is inherently consistent across volumes
  • Validated with leading enterprise software and applications from VMware®, Microsoft® and Oracle®

What experts say about us:

  • The Backdating feature serves as an enterprise-class “time machine,” enabling instant restore to one-second recovery points without using snapshots.” - Kerry Dolan and Aviv Kaufmann, Senior Lab Analysts at ESG
  • When databases failed, it used to take hours to get them back to work. Now it’s immediate. The fact that we don’t need to use snapshots anymore sealed the deal for us.” - Logan Lemming, Senior Director of IT at EDCOE