The Barnstable Police Department, with its staff of over 130 lieutenants, sergeants, detectives and patrol officers, is responsible for public safety and protecting the 50,000 residents of the community, and 95,000 tourists in the summer time. Use cases: Virtualization, VDI, Data Security.


  • Mail servers constantly running out of space.
  • Slow application performance.
  • VDI boot times up to 3 minutes.
  • High cost to upgrade existing storage.
  • Slow and tedious recovery from malware attacks. 

Read about Barnstable Police's experience with Reduxio!


  • VMware® vSphere 5.5 4-node cluster
  • VMware® Horizon View desktop virtualization
  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
  • Microsoft® SQL Server databases
  • Microsoft® Exchange 2010
  • Ubuntu 14
  • TriTech public safety software
  • Actian® (Pervasive) PSQL™
  • Unidesk® CachePoint application management

Barnstable Police Department deployed the Reduxio HX550 to replace their old traditional iSCSI SAN array, and Craig Hurwitz, IT Manager, was kind enough to share their experience with our product. Here are some of our favorite highlights of what was achieved:

  • Recover from attacks in 5 Minutes - Revert affected data to any time in the past in one step using BackDating™.
  • 9X faster VDI boot times - From 3 min to 20 sec.
  • Average application latency consistently low - Flash-first architecture and deduped cache provides consistent low latency.
  • “We realized that Reduxio with BackDating™ was the only storage vendor today that had a real solution that addresses our security concerns.”
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“We looked at different options, but only Reduxio offered us a solution to all of our problems in one product - performance, reduction in data recovery times and reduction in rack space.”
Craig Hurwitz, Director of IT, Barnstable PD