Next-Generation Development cloud enabled by Reduxio

"When we evaluated the Reduxio HX550 we knew we had found the solution to our Storage challenges."

Shane Thorson, Principal Architect, Catbird





  • Performance issues when deploying VMware and OpenStack on existing NFS servers
  • Expansion of disk-based storage to scale performance was not cost-effective


Catbird deployed a Reduxio HX550 system to replace their old infrastructure storage and Shane Thorson, Principal Architect, was kind enough to share their experience with our product. Here are some of our favorite highlights:

  • 60X Faster Recovery - Recovering private clouds to any time in the past in a split second
  • 10X Faster VM Provisioning - Deploying entire OpenStack clouds in seconds
  • 83% Reduction in Used Space - Expanded cloud capacity using in-line, inmemory dedupe and compression
  • "The storage latency with Reduxio is just astoundingly low. It’s constantly at 0.5ms whereas in the past it peaked to seconds during environment deployments."


Catbird has been pioneering virtualization security since 2007, and is a leader in software-defined segmentation and security for the hybrid IT infrastructure. Use Case: Private Cloud, DevOps, OpenStack.


  • VMware vCloud Director
  • 200 VMware vSphere and KVM Hypervisors
  • 5,000 virtual machines
  • Nested OpenStack environments for development and test
  • Hypervisors: vSphere, Ubuntu Server, Debian, KVM, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, LXC, Xen, Debian Linux