The World's Data

terabytes of data are generated worldwide every second

Hard to grasp how much that is?
Let's crunch some numbers!

Fact #1:

You would need a

square feet data center
to store this amount of data.

Which is
2X the size of LAX.
(Los Angeles International Airport)

Fact #2:

You would need to capture

years of 4K video on your
iPhone 6s to match this space.

If you went back that amount
of time you could encounter a


Fact #3:

You would need

blue-ray disks to store
this amount of data.

Stacked up, the tower would be
the distance to the Moon.

Fact #4:

It would take you

years to download
all this data using your
home’s WiFi connection.

By then, a big part of the world
will be covered by water.

Fact #5:

This is just

of the genetic data
stored in the human body.

Humans are awesome!

Fact #6:

This is about

Google’s 2013 estimated storage

Google's mission is to organize
the world’s information, and it
looks like they're well on their way.