Ransomware - The Big Steaks and Innovative Storage Solutions


Ransomware attacks work because storage systems provide no data protection when firewalls, security systems or user training eventually breakdown.
Join Reduxio and Datec for lunch on Friday and learn how our BackDating functionality provides a last line of defense against data corruption, deletions, viruses and ransomware. 
BackDatingTM (Primary Storage Time Machine)
Automated one-second recovery intervals that are consistent across all hosts and volumes. Working like a continuous data recorder, BackDating lets you  instantly recover data from any moment in history down to the second.

 Reduxio offers a revolutionary, multi-tier flash storage platform for your virtualized and database environments. Our time-based data storage management technology allows you to seamlessly travel to the past, autonomously tier for price/performance and elastically expand to the cloud without cumbersome administration tasks.

This event is hosted by  reduxio_logo_black_12.png  &  Datec Logo.jpg